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Please introduce yourself properly and include as much screening information as you can in your initial message. This helps me screen you quickly and easily. If you have questions, please include all of them in one message for a more efficient booking process.


Screening is mandatory. References, or well-used social media, or a work email are required. All screening information is kept confidential, offshore and encrypted. When using references, ensure they have your current contact info & have given permission to use them as a reference. Do not contact me if you are unwilling to be screened.

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Deposit totaling $100 per hour required to reserve your appointment. Deposits are non-refundable if you cancel your appointment, flake, or no-call no-show.

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Please be clean shaven. If you have a beard or mustache, please make sure that it is nice and soft. Stubble, scratchy facial hair or 5 o'clock shadow will limit the fun we can have together.

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Payment methods

Deposits can be sent using Venmo or CashApp.
Amazon gift card may be an option for deposits and must be arranged in advance. A separate, discreet email is available for gift cards.
Cash is preferred for the main balance; Visa/MC or electronic payment methods must be arranged in advance, are subject to additional screening and a 5% fee.

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Deposits are not refunded for cancellations or missed appointments. Rescheduling your appointment may require an additional deposit at my discretion.

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